Feb. 7th, 2008

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Ahhh. As these crazy winter months pass by, so do the days of our lives. I wonder if wherever I am next year will have such fickle weather. Anyway, updates on life:

-I watched a great movie called Welcome to the Dollhouse. One of those indie film things. I laughed so hard...even if the main character was the most depressing, dorky girl I have ever seen. Lines like "Cause at 3 o'clock, I'm gonna rape you"...well, they get my goat.
-I got my very first B of junior high/high school. I am not writing about my reaction to it because I do not have a reaction to it because I have pretended it is a fictional part of my life and doesn't exist   ^___^
-Please don't take it personally, Harvard.
-Don't break my heart.
-All for one B.
-I couldn't stand it.
-Anyway, ahem. Despite my tendency to apostrophe (apostrophize?) in online journals, I think I must be saner than the rest of my friends. They are already planning for prom. In February.
-Seriously, it's all I hear about at lunch.
-How many times can you go over the choices for restaurants? Too many fucking times. It's driving me nuts.
-My brother too is insane. I read a note on his desk today. That he wrote to himself. That ended with "WORK NONSTOP AND WITNESS THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR."
-I hate how I read my European History book to take notes on Utopian Socialism and end up reading about Romanticism and Beethoven on the next page instead T___T
-I have become addicted to lolcats and have made some of my own. More T___T
-I am on the easiest diet I can think of (must stay skinny!). I just halve my brekkie and lunch and eat one meal afterschool at 6. Which is probably what's normal for most people, but should be considered a diet for raging-munch-o-philes like me.
-Been doing some more writing. Wrote a poem, started two others, one short story, and two possibly novel (maybe novella?) length works. But as I am completely unable to get my ass in gear, ever, it will probably be all for naught, my comrades.
-So, yes, that is like the past two or three months. In a nutshell, more or less, yes yes yes.

See you in like June or something. Rofflez.


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