Jul. 17th, 2008

grubbytap: (have i been gifted with a grubby tap?)
Well, it has been a while. School's over and summer is probably going to be over far too soon, though it has so far been a good one (ignoring the one blight of going to the Shanty Shack in upstate NY with my family for a week). Today I saw my schedule for next year, which is making college and Pratt and the ambiguous presence of architecture in the future very very real. I am also panicking slightly, as the classes we take in college are apparently much, much longer than in high school.

I'm only slightly terrified, being only a slight coward. I mean. I never really thought past high school up til now. I had no idea I'd ever survive applying to college--mostly cause movies make it SUCH A BIG DEAL. (It really isn't, you don't have to be a rocket scientist or join 9506859 clubs to get into a school, unless maybe you think you'll die if you don't get into an Ivy in which case I recommend just skipping the whole process altogether.)

And now here I am, going to college. Er. Woo. I don't know how I feel (except for that slightly terrified part). I love the friends I have now. I don't see how anyone I could meet in college could be as interesting. Perhaps I will live the penitent life of a college hermit, and my amusing but lonely adventures will be written into a fine literary work of the era.

Hmm. I'll write more about summer adventures when it is not 1:30 AM.


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