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Ahhh. As these crazy winter months pass by, so do the days of our lives. I wonder if wherever I am next year will have such fickle weather. Anyway, updates on life:

-I watched a great movie called Welcome to the Dollhouse. One of those indie film things. I laughed so hard...even if the main character was the most depressing, dorky girl I have ever seen. Lines like "Cause at 3 o'clock, I'm gonna rape you"...well, they get my goat.
-I got my very first B of junior high/high school. I am not writing about my reaction to it because I do not have a reaction to it because I have pretended it is a fictional part of my life and doesn't exist   ^___^
-Please don't take it personally, Harvard.
-Don't break my heart.
-All for one B.
-I couldn't stand it.
-Anyway, ahem. Despite my tendency to apostrophe (apostrophize?) in online journals, I think I must be saner than the rest of my friends. They are already planning for prom. In February.
-Seriously, it's all I hear about at lunch.
-How many times can you go over the choices for restaurants? Too many fucking times. It's driving me nuts.
-My brother too is insane. I read a note on his desk today. That he wrote to himself. That ended with "WORK NONSTOP AND WITNESS THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR."
-I hate how I read my European History book to take notes on Utopian Socialism and end up reading about Romanticism and Beethoven on the next page instead T___T
-I have become addicted to lolcats and have made some of my own. More T___T
-I am on the easiest diet I can think of (must stay skinny!). I just halve my brekkie and lunch and eat one meal afterschool at 6. Which is probably what's normal for most people, but should be considered a diet for raging-munch-o-philes like me.
-Been doing some more writing. Wrote a poem, started two others, one short story, and two possibly novel (maybe novella?) length works. But as I am completely unable to get my ass in gear, ever, it will probably be all for naught, my comrades.
-So, yes, that is like the past two or three months. In a nutshell, more or less, yes yes yes.

See you in like June or something. Rofflez.

Date: 2008-02-08 06:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am now going to be illegally downloading watching that Dollhouse movie in one way or another because the trailer I just watched on YouTube was flucking hilarious.

You plan on going to Harvard. Wao. I plan on moving out at a possibly old age then living in a refrigerator box under a bridge and occasionally pop over to an internet cafe to check life on the internet once in a while.


When IS prom, anyway? I don't know these things. I have a great fear of dances in all forms.

-I hate how I read my European History book to take notes on Utopian Socialism and end up reading about Romanticism and Beethoven on the next page instead T___T

That might actually have been one of the most confusing things I've ever heard of someone doing.

Lolcats are brilliant and you must show yours to me NAO. :3

Stay skinny but eat smart! Yoghurt is good for you! Abandon coffee!

And don't disappear for four months! *clings*

Date: 2008-02-09 05:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ohhh, well, Harvard's not definite or anything. It's just probably my highest-reaching application.

Prom is in the spring. Er. Sometime. Who cares X__X

Here arez my lolcats!! Hilary:

And Amy Wino:

Yes, they are actually lolpeople : /

I'll try not to disappear. My updates are never very exciting, are they? Hehe. But that's very sweet of you to say!

Date: 2008-02-09 09:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Haha! I just laughed my arse off at those! XD XD XD Those are brilliant.

You better not disappear. >:O *is a hypocrite* Your updates are exciting to me! We both have the same kind of dry humour and I love it. :D If we teamed up together everyone would cower in fear of us. XD

Date: 2008-02-09 08:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ahh, thank you very much! Lolcats is amazing. My friend is making a documentary on them for the school morning news, and apparently I shall be interviewed. Instant celebrity status!

Haha. I wish I knew what dry humor meant, so I could rise out of my mediocrity and we could take over the world.

Date: 2008-02-08 11:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That's an awesome note! Perhaps if I'd had something like that on my desk, I would have worked harder... or not.

That does sound like a senseible diet, as diets go... but I find not snacking at all so hard. ;_;

Also, you should update more!

Date: 2008-02-09 05:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I worry if I update more it'll all be about Hugh Grant or Chipotle burritos or such silly nonsense. But who knows!

Date: 2008-02-09 12:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Omg, I love Welcome to the Dollhouse. My roommate and I always laugh over the scene where the one girl talks about getting fingered and Dawn looks at her hands all creepily. Then she plays piano for Roger and she's flexing her fingers all creepily. Special People Club!
And getting a B really won't keep you from college. Take it from someone who freaked out about getting B's, it is NOT worth worrying about.

Date: 2008-02-09 05:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

What a great movie. Seriously. I thought the bully was adorable, really, a lot cuter than Leathery Face Band Guy. She should've run away with him.

Thanks for the reassurance. I need it in these times of trouble.


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