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Well, so much for not updating.

Yesterday was fun. I had an ice cream cone outside in the whipping cold with the beauteous and benevolent Bethusaleh. My friend Hannah rides horses, so afterwards she took us to her stable and I rode a horse for the very first time since...oh, eons ago, when we'd first come to America, and I was six, and my mom and dad took us to DC or something and a cowboy put me on a fucking gigantic horse and I clutched its back and cried. Haha.

I didn't cry this time, but let's just say I am not a very graceful young lady on a horse. I suppose it is funny to see me holding the rains aloft like a Western star and sticking me feet out at 180 degrees as the horsey plodded on, especially when juxtaposed with [profile] abster226 getting on afterwards and galloping around like a pro. I suppose it is funny to see me clutching the saddle for dear life as I dismounted. But you know what's not funny? Freezing to death after dark. Which is what we did.

If it had not been so cold that you could braid my hair into pigtails and then snap them off like ZAT, I am sure I would have been a most gallant and dashing horsemistress.

Anyway, we go to the Hollywood Video store to rent some movies afterward, and who is there? WHO IS THERE? Good Queen Bess, that is who. He also goes by "Brendan," and on this journal he has been known as "Band Drummer Guy" before I knew his name and "Misery" because of his infamous angst--it's mostly hype. Of course, that was all back when I was a tender young junior and he was a senior on the cusp of college, which is where he is now.

Anyway, Good Queen Bess was there, wearing his adorable shirt that says "I can help you find great movies" (poor thing) and all ready to help us find great movies. (If Cheech had not been there he probably wouldn't have come over to us, but ifs and buts are of no import!) Oh, gentle friends, I am in lurrrvelurrrvelurrve. I thought I was over it because he consistently seems to fuck all the girls he can EXCEPT me, even the gross ones, but my lurrrrve will not be shaken, so MIGHTY and LONG and LOINPRODDING as it is.

If only...I had not been smelling of horse.

Anyway, the rest of the night was watching Transamerica (Kevein Zegers is HAWTTT and played the boy in Airbud once upon a time, and if my lurve for Good Queen Bess was not so unshakable I would give him my heart) and making and consuming pizza. Hopefully it will be salad next time. I do not think I will ever be hungry again.
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