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Oh my god. My parents want me to choose a college today. Here's the rundown of my options.

UMBC: free. Clears the road for grad school later because my parents can save up money for me. But not a very exciting place to spend the next four years.

Georgetown: Gorgeous architecture, good reputation and location. Expensive but at least the first year will be nearly free because our 2007 income was so low. Doesn't have a writing program. Famous for law, politics, and business, which isn't really my interest.

Hopkins: Didn't like the school itself. Good writing program. Like Georgetown, expensive but gives me full coverage next year. Has more options for me if I end up not wanting to do creative writing, but something about the school turns me off.

Pratt Institute: My baby. An art school in Brooklyn with an interesting creative writing program. Out of all 4, this one has my attention for the location and artsy campus and cool people. Downside? Pretty expensive. Not very many options if I decide I don't wanna continue studying here, since it doesn't have as much rep as Georgetown and Hopkins. Basically there's no changing my mind, and I'd have to work really hard to get a job and to try and fund grad school.

Pratt is where my heart is. But am I being a fucking idiot? My parents say I can choose whatever makes me happiest, but that I am going to be stuck with the consequences. And Pratt could have some pretty weighty consequences.
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