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Dear School,

Sorry for slacking. I doubt you realize the enormous weight 4 days worth of friend-list has on a body, or the fact that after spending all of Thanksgiving without a computer, sometimes I just wanna sit down and read H/D fic.

To conclude, fandom ate my homework.

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A trip to Upstate New York for Thanksgiving?

What fresh hell will this bring? Please pray for me. I hate my parents.


Nov. 2nd, 2007 12:13 am
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This year I went trick or treating with Matt and Chi Chi to some guy's house party.

Chi Chi let me borrow her giant banana suit. I was a banana for Halloween. I got many comments about this, much to my surprise. Imagine my shock when I looked down for the fiftieth time and realized, yes, I truly was still a banana. The fiftieth time.

Matt had a transformers helmet that let you speak like a robot and had buttons that would trigger "I am Optimus Prime" or "The Deceptacons must be destroyed" or stuff like that. It was great hearing "Trick or treat" in a Darth Vader/vacuum voice.

Party we went to got busted, but apparently long after I left. Which sucked, because the guys tried to make it hard for anything to happen. Lists of rules and a guest list. And a bouncer.

Bouncer: Your name on the list?
Ani: Uhhh. No. Could I stay a little bit?
Bouncer: You can stay if you're not loud and you give this guy head. *Points*
Ani: I can't. I'm a banana.
Bouncer: ...That was cute, you can stay.

My mom came to the door and got me shortly, and it was good that I ran upstairs when I heard the frantic doorbell-ringing, because she was fighting with the houseowner who kept saying I wasn't at the party. I guess he knew me as Giant Banana. Anyway, it was mortifying. I wish I had robot parents.

Then there was a sleepover at Jenny's involving a lot of Asians, a lot of Supernatural, and a lot of lack of pillow and hygiene.

Cheers. Hello, November.
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Hah. I kinda love my Astronomy teacher. This week he goes, "I don't care if Dumbledore's gay, he's still the freaking coolest wizard ever."

This same guy played the Gerudo Valley music from Zelda during class. I had a one on one discussion with him on A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess.


Yeah, I do take Astronomy. Yes, I am kind of like the students of Hogwarts. One step closer!

But last night I got about three hours of sleep after staying up--and forcing my brother to do all the work-- to build a self-propelled car for physics all night. (Let us say its performance was lacking. Lacking everything. It didn't move a millimeter. But! I did win best design, for on my car--the SS Condescender--was a pair of foldy white wings that I decorated with flames. I am cool.)

So I must needs go to bed now.

i'm amazed

Oct. 20th, 2007 12:46 am
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It's like bizarro world--JKR, the Queen of Boring Textual Hetero, said this. Sexy Subtext Slash: 1, BTH:...around 687.

But she threw us a bone! She threw us a bone!

I guess this is a opportune time to pimp this awesome piece of art:

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The only compensation for babysitting is getting to watch Degrassi-sodes on the rich people's cable.

Well, that and the money.

Bought a homecoming dress at Syms today. I don't know if I quite like it, but it does have that redeeming quality being "of Syms," as Syms is synonymous with Fresh Prince Store.

I am the Fresh Prince of Silver Spring.
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Went downtown with Melzzie and her people today, and I committed my first crime ever.

I shoplifted a Venus Flytrap kit from Borders.

God, I am such a dork. I kept expecting policemen to burst out of nowhere and clap me in irons. God will punish me, for I have sinned! (Though I must say, it was very relieving and awesome to walk out of the store un-caught. Normally I'd never shoplift. But it doesn't seem like we're going to have loose bills around the house for A WHILE.)

(And c'mon. VENUS FLY TRAP.)
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CDs I am lusting for (compiled for convenience):

Metric: Grow Up and Blow Away
Robots in Disguise: Get RID and Robots in Disguise
Pony Up!: Pony Up! and Make Love to the Judges with Your Eyes
Q and Not U: Different Damage
Supersystem: Always Never Again and (by El Guapo) Fake French

Oooooh, I do so so want these. Sadly, I am a starving artiiiiiste before I am even an artiiiste. Or living alone. Does this mean when I am older I will be even poorer than I am now? Woe, Horatio, woe.

GEORGE ORWELL: At least you haven't been commissioned in Godforsaken India. Why can't the English learn to speak?!

Shut up, George Orwell. Suffering is relative!

Off to try and remember if I had homework. I know I have. But what is it, Watson, that is the question.
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The last episode of Death Note isn't working. I am deeply saddened.

Notes so far:

Whew. That's about fifteen or twenty episodes in a couple days. I don't know if my eyes will ever get back into their sockets. I really want to know what happens, and it's too hard deciding if I liked watching this more than watching Gankutsuou, so I'm trying not to compare. But damn, everyone ought to watch Death Note. It's not that long. Get out there and do it, people!

In other news, I took my first pictures. But I think I rewound the film wrong, cause when i opened the camera half of it was on the other reel and all torn up.

Whoops ^__^



I'll shut up now. But seriously. Watch this anime. It's the first one I ever watched on my own, without groaning through the whole thing or looking at my feet. And it. Is. Amazing.
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Oh dear.

I believe last night will forever live in infamy as the Time We Fucked Up A Lot. Sometimes going on an illicit driving adventure doesn't turn out so great...well, no one died! (We should never listen to my silly ideas.)

Funny mall line of the day: "Oh that's cute! ...It's a shirt, right?"


Also, I've been reading a really really old JKR interview--pre-Goblet of Fire, people--and look:

JKR: Yeah - why is - why is Malfoy - why does he like - dislike Harry so much in the first book?

Pete: Yes!

JKR: Well! If you notice, the very first time that Malfoy meets Harry and knows it is Harry he makes an effort to be his friend - he does actually want to be associated with Harry because he knows it will be - it will be cool to turn up at the school being Harry Potter's friend, because Harry is so famous. Well, Harry rebuffs him because Malfoy has been so rude about Hagrid and about Ron, who Harry likes so much, and it's at that point that Malfoy turns against him, because Malfoy is - er - yet again this is so frustrating; I can't tell you everything I could tell you because it would ruin future books for you, but Malfoy comes from a family who has strong associations with - er - with Dark magic, as you know - and you're going to find out more about that in book four, so - erm - Malfoy is kind of - he wanted to be Harry's friend, Harry didn't want him as a friend, and tu- and that made him bitter - that - that's the starting point

H/D is the best ship ever. Har har har.

Finished Death Note 25. The big one. Odd that such a dramatic episode contains a foot massage...Anyway, I ought to go think about what I'll be doing for my very very very first photography shoot. Huzzah huzzah!

EDIT--Comment and I'll give you a letter. In your journal, list 10 of your favorite most random songs that begin with that letter.


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Procrastination, she is my middle name.

I've decided in the throes of desperation to take astronomy. After all, even if I fail completely and don't learn anything, I'll have names to use in my original story.

Then JKR can come and kill me.

Also, it has been three days and already I hate journalism. But I am very very excited about photography...we're s'posed to take 12 pictures over the weekend. I can't wait. I feel like an artiste.

Fie, fie.
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First day of my last year of high school.

Schedule mistakes, blah blah, giant gaping hole in my classes, blah blah, spent all affie talking to counselor (deja vu?), blah blah, attacked by Morlocks, and so on.

I'd love to rant about it in detail but--oh, no, I wouldn't. I'm already thinking about how to spend the weekend. Lunch was nice, though--we went outside with our Chosen Special Few that were informed to join us and ate on the "patio." Sun was blazing, but the breeze was nice.

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Hah. You know what's funny?

I just remembered--when I read the DH epilogue,
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Hmm. It's odd. I've never really been an ambitious person with a "dream college" and all that.

But now that I've read about Pratt and its writing program...well...I want to go so badly I feel like I've been planning it for years.

My passions have always been whimsical and picked at random, I suppose.
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GEORGE ORWELL: Balderdash, a complete idiot could have gotten that rubbishy license in two tries. A complete capitalist in three.



GEORGE ORWELL: Complete idiot capitalist.
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My father thinks I am an outrageous slut because I wore a sundress to Fort Reno. On a day with like, its own heat warning and everything. (What irony too, hasn't he ever heard of St. Fucking Ani?)

Sometimes I truly deeply wish I were a boy, so I could BREATHE in this house. At the risk of sounding like a typical teenage girl, I am, y'know, 17 and shit. I could be doing a lot worse than baring my shoulders to the general public.

Prospect of being grounded for the rest of August unappealing. Hope he was exaggerating. At least my last night out was spent watching a DEGRASSI MARATHON LAWLZ in Melei's lovely basement. "Whatever, you suck!"

P.S. Hahaha, guys, guys, the mood icon for 'frustrated' is a windows logo. Hahahahaha...
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Alright, I've failed two driver's tests in four days.

Surely there's nowhere to go but up? Le sigh.

Anyhoo, I have accomplished one thing--completion! Of a DH fic! At a community. In reponse to someone's prompt. About Gellert Grindelwald, our favorite little rosy-cheeked scamp. So therefore it contains spoilers and false Harry Potter fans such as Jenny need not investigate.


I hope at least I haven't failed in this XD
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Nearly a year ago I made a post gibbering about my permit test taking place the next day.

Now here I am, gibbering in quite the same fashion about my license test tomorrow! How grand, eh, George?

GEORGE ORWELL:  Blast it, you can't call me by my first name, have you no respect for the dead and the literary?

Sorry, George.

GEORGE ORWELL: I never bothered getting a license for a motor-car. In India, you know, we rode elephants, when we weren't shooting them, that is.

But George, what did you ride back home in bonnye olde Englande?

GEORGE ORWELL: Capitalists, naturally.
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Summer is as summer does.

Which is nothing!

I procrastinate on taking showers. How can I ever hope to get my license, finish my summer reading, and fill out college applications in one month?


I think I'm gonna go take a shower. In like five minutes, I mean. Ten, maybe.
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So, for me, Harry Potter ended at 2:30 AM last night.

I don't want to post, or type, I want to talk to someone about it, but I want to remember how I felt.

There's so much more to say, but I have to stop.

I don't pick favorite Harry Potter books. But God, this was amazing. Also, I don't expect anyone to have read all that, but I would like your own thoughts and opinions once you're done with DH.
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